Please arrive early so that we can register everyone on time – and you can get a coffee!


Introduction by Richard Astbury


Keynote by Tom Barber - The IT community and the impact on the real world

In this talk Tom will discuss some of the projects he’s worked on, and the impact they’ve had on us, along with some interesting thoughts and insight into how we can stop “just” being the techies handing code off to managers and become developers who give back to the world and have a positive impact on society as a whole.


Sally Lait - Websites are a Symptom, not the Cause

Websites are often a great barometer for wider underlying issues, and by exploring common problems and root causes we can seek to spark fundamental change that can ultimately feed back into our longer-term success.


Ewan Slater - Shrinking the Container

In this talk Ewan will be discussing the advantages of microcontainers and how to build and use them.


Paul Hutson - Augmented Reality in the Browser

Paul talk will cover how Augmented Reality in the browser, and – specifically – on mobile is now possible; culminating with a live hands-on demo.



Darren Cook - Dimension Reduction in Natural Language

Darren will talk about Natural Language Processing and underlying technologies which enable voice recognition and chat bots.


Matthew C Applegate - A Choice to Computer

Matthew is heavily focussed on developing the Creative Computing Club and to integrate it further into local schools.


Tom Haczewski - Developing Without Code

How learning to prototype can help to make your products better, your code cleaner and your users happier


Nisha Lad & Lahini Sivaganeshan - the Bloodhound SSC Project

Oracle’s primary involvement is to extract, store and visualise the data from the 550 sensors on the Bloodhound vehicle on to Oracle’s cloud through automated deployment with the involvement of Kubernetes, as well as using Oracle Stream Analytics, Data Visualisation and IoT to stream the data in real time.



Keynote by Rob Blackwell - Julia programming in the Southern Ocean

Rob will talk about the Julia programming language, scientific computing and the two-language problem, with examples from his work with Sonar data recorded onboard research vessels and ocean gliders.