Endjin specialises in digital transformation using Azure, Data & AI.

Whether you are trying to reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, or drive innovation, you need to refine your organizational strategy, improve governance, adopt a cloud-first DevOps approach, and take your people with you on the journey.

Endjin was incorporated in 2010 by two founders wanting to create a sustainable long-term business with organic growth delivered by deep partnerships with their clients.

Since then, endjin has helped organizations of all sizes, across many industries to transform how they invest, envisage, build, deploy, test, manage, and grow new digital offerings.

Our Services
The combination of our services, solutions, and products deliver the blueprint for a secure, efficient, data driven, cloud-centric organization.

We can accelerate your cloud journey helping you to understand the risks and complexities of a cloud operating model, and the mindset change that’s required to build robust, secure, distributed cloud and IoT applications. We can take a business-driven approach to designing or optimizing your infrastructure, delivering the applications and workflows you need to take your business from the Intelligent Edge to the Cloud.

We help your teams to become more efficient & effective, identify & reduce delivery friction, or bring a project back on-track. But it’s not just advice & blue sky thinking – we can use our IP and help you build it too, from PoCs to full production solutions, DevOps skills assessments and implementation, tools and automation.

We enable you to become a data-driven organization, helping you run Data Science experiments and operationalize them through Power BI dashboards, Machine Learning, AI and service automation. We can even use those same Data Science techniques to evaluate the maturity & efficiency of your engineering teams.

The right technology is only part of the story; success is driven from the strategy. We can also deliver you some extra brain power to solve hard strategic problems around digital & cloud transformation, creating governance & policy frameworks, innovation programmes or getting to grips with your software portfolio and building a comprehensive roadmap.

We also work with start-ups to accelerate their scale-up, using our IP to take their market-proving MVP to global scale. Our incubator model makes this a low-cash-burn opportunity to access proven technology and expertise.

Get in touch
We help people work smarter & become as excited & energized about their work as we are about ours.
If you would like to find out more about endjin and the things that we do visits endjin.com or say hello@endjin.com

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