A celebration of DevOps in East Anglia
By Raymond Hwang, DevOps Lead at KCOM

DevEast is a welcome addition to calendar for technology businesses in East Anglia. It’s a much needed opportunity for DevOps communities to come together, swap war stories and redefine how this exciting area of technology develops.

KCOM’s sponsorship of the first DevEast event comes on the back of key projects for large enterprise customers where our approach to DevOps has been vital to success. Please come and visit us at stand number 2 and I’ll share some of our learnings. Alternatively, you can check out some of our DevOps blogs at KCOM.com

Since our rebrand from Smart421 in Ipswich to KCOM nationwide, the breadth and depth of our technical expertise has grown to encompass cloud architecture and integration, enterprise call centre innovations and complex network connectivity for international blue-chip organisations. The cornerstone of those offerings is our high ranking partnerships at Google Cloud Network, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services which keep us at the centre of industry developments in the public cloud.

With IaaS, CI/CD being the common practice, there is now a shift in focus from the traditional CI/CD towards more of a developer-led, self-service model. Our customers come to us for immutable infrastructure, containerisation and micro-services using technologies such as docker, which allows them to rapidly deploy their infrastructure to the cloud on demand which, in term, makes it easier for them to provision and service iterations.

Ultimately, the aim of the game is to increase velocity and reduce risk. However our industry has different ideas on how that should be achieved. For me, DevOps is a mind-set – a combination of tooling, approach and culture. Traditionally teams are silo’d but DevOps should break down those silos; teams must come together to get the job done.

I’m looking forward to talking with developers and architects at DevEast to find out about sector specific trends as well as new innovations and ways of working. It’s a small but passionate community in East Anglia so having the opportunity to meet and share ideas is great.