Ewan Slater Cloud Architect - Oracle

Shrinking the Container – Ewan Slater

Shrinking the Container – Microcontainers and Microservices

​Containers are increasingly the standard mechanism for packaging, delivering and deploying software.

They provide a simpler, more lightweight architecturally significant form of virtualisation than VMs. They are a natural candidate for running microservices.

But can we do better?

If we can simplify our containers, we can shrink them further, improving:

– performance

– security

– management

In this talk I’ll be discussing the advantages of microcontainers and how to build and use them.

About Ewan

Ewan Slater is an architect in Oracle’s EMEA Technology Cloud Team, with over twenty years experience in the technology industry.

He is currently focused on helping Oracle’s customers and partners adopt a cloud – first approach to development.

He is an active member of the Norwich Ruby User Group (NRUG) and Digital East Anglia.

Outside of work he is a volunteer with the Scout movement, cycles and enjoys pub quizzes.