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I am afraid I CAN do that Dave – Chris Olivier

I am afraid I CAN do that Dave

I thought I would make this fun, and speak about something which could mean the end of the world as we know it.

Who here has experienced Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning?

Actually you all have, if you have bought something on Amazon, watched something on NetFlix (or similar) then you have been the target of a recommender engine

If you have used Google translate, then you have made use of natural language processing.

In fact, a lot of retail stores have also started making use of machine learning to try and get ahead of competition or try to keep up with on-line shopping, as a side note on this, on-line shopping is increasing dramatically vs brick and mortar stores, averaging at 20% year on year growth, this is not only due to the ease of use of on-line shopping, but because it is a lot easier to employ Machine learning techniques.

We are living in exciting times, where we are witnessing the rise of machines, be it for the better of human kind or one of our greatest existential risks, which even the greatest minds on earth are warning against, only time will tell. Join me at Dev East for my full talk on the future of AI.


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