Paul Hutson Product Development Manager

Augmented Reality in the Browser – Paul Hutson

Over the last few years there has been a lot of media and discussion around Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality being the “next big thing”. With recent browser updates, across many platforms, Augmented Reality is about to become more accessible and mainstream.

This talk will cover how Augmented Reality in the browser, and – specifically – on mobile is now possible; culminating with a live hands-on demo.

About Paul

Paul Hutson is a product development manager at Pitney Bowes looking after the EngageOne Video Product – an interactive personalised video platform.

With 18 years experience across a range of roles in both small SMB and larger corporations Paul has continued with his passion for all things web. Over the last few years he has spent time working with 3D (with Virtual Reality and the web) with a focus towards Augmented Reality in the future.

In his spare time, he runs the Suffolk Developers group based in Ipswich, loves to ski when he gets a chance and also runs a medieval sword fighting group as well. He also runs a games development business as well, building massively multiplayer online games.