Lahini Sivaganeshan Oracle

The Bloodhound SSC Project – Lahini Sivaganeshan

Bloodhound is a supersonic car attempting to smash the current world land speed record, reaching an astonishing 1000mph. The project was launched in October 2008 led by Sir Richard Noble and driver, Andy Green with a highly dedicated team behind them.

Oracle are the official cloud partner of Bloodhound SSC. The partnership has grown from our common interest in encouraging the younger generation in getting enthusiastic about STEM subjects. Oracle’s primary involvement is to extract, store and visualise the data from the 550 sensors on the Bloodhound vehicle on to Oracle’s cloud through automated deployment with the involvement of Kubernetes, as well as using Oracle Stream Analytics, Data Visualisation and IoT to stream the data in real time. With the different technologies and components Oracle have implemented, the team are able to stream the data in real time and hence address any technical issues from testing, all the way up to the 1000mph run.

The graduates and interns at Oracle have also developed several web applications to be hosted on the Bloodhound website. An initiative that Bloodhound wants to drive is for the public to be able to put their name or selfie on the fin of the car. Oracle have developed an app where you can search and zoom to the location of your name on the fin.

Oracle have also developed a dashboard that replicates what the driver sees within the cockpit. Real time data will be streamed into the visual components of the dashboard, whereby people can see test runs and the land speed record being broken. Both of these applications have been developed solely in HTML and Javascript.

Alongside our web development, we have created a Chatbot that gives all sorts of information and statistics about everything to do with Bloodhound. This allows for easy access to information on the go on social media such as FB Messenger.

Oracle have partnered with Bloodhound to continue the great work that they do in inspiring the next generation in telling the Bloodhound story across the country by visiting schools and universities. The data stored on Oracle’s cloud is being distributed on an open source platform to universities for further research and analysis to find new innovative ways of engineering data.