Tom Barber Founder of Spicule

The IT community and the impact on the real world – Tom Barber

Tom Barber develops data solutions for companies and organisations worldwide. Currently working on a range of Open Source data projects with NASA JPL, DARPA and a few companies a bit closer to home. Tom likes an excuse to hack on most things, but data related platforms are where he feels most at home.

The IT community and the impact on the real world

From the machine learning work we do with DARPA to help reduce crime by tracking down criminals on the “dark web” or helping to provide a search platform for genomics research with NASA JPL, working on projects that have a positive effect on the world we live in is an important factor to us as a company. In this talk Tom will discuss some of the projects we have worked on and the impact they’ve had on us, along with some interesting thoughts and insight into how we can stop “just” being the techies handing code off to managers and become developers who give back to the world and have a positive impact on society as a whole.

About Tom

A Business Intelligence specialist and experienced software developer, with an entrepreneurial flair and a passion for learning new things. Expert in a number of open source BI platforms and databases. I now run Meteorite BI, a company that helps clients develop their BI systems and get the most out of their data. We also develop cutting edge BI infrastructure and platforms..

I am the founder of the Saiku Analytics platform which now incorporates both open source OLAP analysis and reporting.

My weekly duties include some BI consulting, Scala & Java programming and tinkering with System Administration frameworks.

In my spare time I am also a regular blogger, and open source committer. I am on the PMC of the Apache Object Orientated Data Technology (OODT) Project and Pentaho and Open Source Business Intelligence advocate.

Specialities: Open Source BI, Yellowfin, Pentaho, Jaspersoft, BIRT, Java, Scala, Puppet, Play Framework, Akka, Developer Advocate, Community relations developer.

If you want to find out more drop me a mail at